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Grusha's present situation has its origins 4 generations ago, with her father's paternal Grandmother, Borgia.

Iago courti ng Georgina in a curious muggle vehicle...
Iago courting Georgina in a
curious Muggle vehicle....

She was a powerful and ambitious Witch who married a Squib to have dominion over him. Prior to his sudden and unexplained disappearance, he gave her a son, whom she named Iago.

On his entrance to Hogwarts, Iago was sorted into Hufflepuff. Furious, his Slytherin mother removed him from school to conduct his education at home. He was a disappointment to her. He remained under her influence to the extent that he married a Muggle, Georgina, because his mother wouldn't allow another Witch in his life.

Frustrated and vindictive, Borgia made Georgina's life a misery. Iago, weak and ineffectual, did nothing to protect her. In time they had a son, Morgan, and Borgia transferred her ambitions to him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Grusha's fearsome grandmother, Borgia!
Grusha's fearsome
great-grandmother, Borgia!

Morgan showed more Magical talent than his father ever had and Borgia began his education early, schooling the boy in the Dark Arts and encouraging him to experiment. He learned quickly and willingly.

Georgina wasn't about to give up her son though and fought for his affections with the only weapon she had: love. When the invitation from Hogwarts came, Morgan refused to go. Against all of Borgia's promises of power and position, his mother had won.

Fearful of Borgia's vengeance and knowing Iago wouldn't act against his mother, Georgina fled with her 11 year old son, into the Muggle world she had come from. Morgan and his mother remained hidden from Borgia until the occasion of his marriage to Ann.

Like the Bad Fairy at Sleeping Beauty's Christening, Borgia turned up unexpectedly at the Wedding and cursed the union before disappearing, exacting her revenge upon any children....

A daughter was born to Morgan and Ann on February 18th 1964. They named her Grusha Alexander.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Grusha in her Slytherin leathers....
Grusha in her Slytherin leathers!

Grusha had a conventional Muggle upbringing with a smattering of Magic learned from her father. The properties of Herbs, some basic principles of Potions and Divination from Georgina, who although a Muggle, had always had the Gift.

Morgan was so mistrustful of magic beyond these boundaries though, when her letter from Dumbledore was delivered he forbade his daughter to attend. She respected his wishes.

While still at college, Grusha met Janus Montesquieu, a Ravenclaw Wizard who saw her immediately for the Witch she was. She gave up everything to be with him.

Janus Montesquieu
Janus Montesquieu - does
mysterious work
for the Ministry

She was reconciled with her father after Janus convinced him of his ability to protect rather than jeopardise her and his promise to live in the Muggle world. They were married on December 12th 1986.

Janus worked for the Ministry, collating and analysing information and liaising with Muggle law enforcement agencies. Grusha returned to her studies. They had a son in 1988, then a daughter 2 years later.

Their son entered Hogwarts in 1999. A Ravenclaw, like his Dad. Morgan had his reservations but had been impressed enough by Janus over the years to give the magical community a second chance.

When their daughter followed in 2001, Morgan raised no objections.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Grusha in purple!
Grusha isn't your average

Grusha in bronze
Are you off to the bar??!


Now, with Voldermort on the rise again and rallying his supporters, Morgan realises that his daughter needs a proper magical education, if she's to be able to protect the children from harm and corruption.

With her father's blessing, Grusha entered Hogwarts in November 2001....






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