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I know laborotory has a 'rat' in it, but my lab only has hamsters! We like the Peter Lorre pronunciation any way, it's so much more sinister!


Hermione Granger has another accident with Polymorph Potion.



Rumours of Prof. Snape's involvement are totally unfounded (according to Professor Snape!)

George's attempts to placate Fred fall on deaf ears. His surprise joke from Zonko's bargin bucket had seriously back-fired.


An experiment with speed produces unexpected results!
(No Billiwigs were harmed)

A memory charm results in terror for 2 subjects who each believe themselves to be sunflower seeds




This flurry of frenetic activity was brought about by Pepper-Up potion. These animals are currently in training for the Tri-Rodent cup.

This pair of happy homemakers, (under the soothing influence of Butter Beer) are content with their light and airy new home. Especially the plentiful loft space


Gilderoy Lockhart releases CD shock!



Visibly shaken by a confectionery-induced sugar high, this senile old fool appears to actually enjoy the 'music'.

(Bertie Botts Beans, every flavour but NO taste!)


Exposure to a time-turner has rendered the older animal impatient. Showing a lack of maternal instinct, she is more concerned with her offspring's late arrival than with how he got on at his appointment with Mdm Pomfrey.

(Crookshanks has been severely reprimanded.)


The insertion of Troll DNA resulted in Giantism and aggressive behaviour in this subject. Timely intervention of a feeding programme, avoided tragic consequences for the timid subject.

Observations made and recorded on 6th May 2002
by Lab Assistants:
Michael Pickard, Otherworld Bob, Bianca Taylor and Josie Pickard



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