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General Harry Potter sites
Harry Potter sites by (or about) specific characters
Additional Harry Potter roleplayers (from the WB message boards)
Fan fiction


General Harry Potter sites

Harry Potter Lexicon
Entertaining and amazingly comprehensive reference - great for looking up specific info or just general browsing.

The Snitch
Excellent site - great resource for news and photographs.

Mugglenet (new)
This is huge and probably the best-looking HP site out there! It's full of up-do-date news, information, online games and resources.

Another very comprehensive site, covering every facet of the Harry Potter phenomenon.

The Leaky Cauldron
Highly respected source, especially for news, and this site includes LOADS of pics from the new movie!!!

Harry Potter's page
Lots of pics from the new movie! Also interviews, biographies, fan art, discussion boards, reviews and lots, LOTS more!!

Harry Potter at Scholastic (Kids Fun Online)
Small but attractive site for children. Apply to be the next Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, and take the Wizard's Challenge!

Bloomsbury's Harry Potter site
Polished and informative site from the publishers. Don't be put off by the brief introduction screen, as the Witches and Wizards section is excellent!

The Official Harry Potter Site
Flash-intensive site from WB, with lots of resources and a thriving role-playing community!

'Fact Monster' Harry Potter page
Lots of games, news and quotes, and an ongoing Haiku poetry contest.

Jim Dale's home page
Jim Dale narrates the US-versions of the audio books (and narrates the DVD of Philosopher's Stone). This site offers info on the making of the audio books, and lets you hear some clips!

Extreme Hogwarts Information(new!)
New Boards with Hagrid's Hut, Quidditch Pitch, Herbology Greenhouse and more still to come. Check this site out!

Harry Potter sites by (or about) specific characters

Professor Sprout's Garden of Wallpapers
VERY colourful site! Professor Sprout is not only an expert web designer but also offers downloadable wallpapers and recipes for herbal spells!

Nasubionna's Harry Potter site (Is currently unavailable but will be back - we hope!)
Wonderful-looking site with beautiful artwork and downloadable wallpapers. Describes all the characters and has shrines for Severus Snape, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Professor Quirrell.

A tribute to Hermione Granger
About Hermione - lots of info, including quotes from Rowling and some imaginative theories about how the character will develop.

Hagrid's Adoption Centre
Yes, adopt a magical creature through Hagrid's site! A really nice idea, and written in Hagrid's inimitable style!

Magical Me!
Yes - be afraid! Gilderoy Lockhart has his own website....

Potions Class - Information for students
Be even more afraid! Potions Class information from Severus Snape. Includes archived Hoedown and Haiku poetry, the (in)famous 'Pants Game' and an Automated Detention Dispenser (patent pending).

Draco Malfoy (new)
This is Tom Felton's official site, with info, pictures and message boards. See also Tom Felton's Unofficial site, the Draco Malfoy Fan List, a page with lots of Draco/Felton links at the bottom, Malfoylicious (find the 'Harry' link at the bottom left of the page) and Mudbloods and Murmurs.

Severus Snape's Slytherin Society
There are SO many sites for Hogwarts' grumpiest goth! Also check out the Severus Snape Fan Club and the Shrine to Sexy Severus Snape.


Additional Harry Potter roleplayers (from the WB message boards)

Snapey's Dungeon
Enter Severus Snape's office where you'll find details of his office rules, a list of regular visitors and his rp storylines so far. Also includes a character analysis page, and you can voice your own opinions via the guestbook!

Neveye's site
Hilarious site by Hogwart's local smithy and "fairly conventional" warrior dwarf-maiden!

Dedicate Rosethorn Lark's site
Details about Prof Rosethorn's Advanced Herbology classes

Project Potter
See fantastic portraits of characters from the Harry Potter WB message boards, and many depictions of popular scenes.

Alexis Nightshade's site
Dress designs for the roleplayers by Hogwarts' Deputy Chief Auror, including many from the Valentine's Day Ball!

Sarah Granger Snape (new)
A WB boards veteran, ickle Sarah has a new site that tells you everything you need to know about her!

Fan Fiction

Albus Dumbledore's Inbox
"Little did we know that there is actually a secret (magic powered, naturally) computer network running from teacher to teacher at Hogwarts. So let's take a peak inside... " Extremely funny!

The Wizard of Odd
When Dumbledore decides to stage a production of a certain Muggle musical, he picks two most unlikely co-directors... This is incomplete (for a good reason - see the author's note), but hilarious.

The S-Files
Not fan-fiction as such, but a collection of letters that were posted between characters on the WB boards. There are some sick minds out there...

Frodo and Harry
Very clever story bringing LOTR into the world of Harry Potter!

Chamber of Secrets - A Prologue!
Take a peak at some of the owl post exchanged prior to the start of Harry's second year at Hogwarts!


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