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Gilderoy Lockhart
Magical Me

The definitive account of the life of
Gilderoy Lockhart!

An inspiring tale of bravery in the face of anguish, resiliance in the face of hardship, hope in the face of despair, and the ultimate quest for just the right shade of blond!




Guide to Household Pests - coverGilderoy Lockhart's Guide to Household Pests

No wonder I'm known as 'The Housewife's Favourite', eh, ladies?! No, seriously, this is the only guide you will EVER need - I should know, I wrote it myself!


Year With The Yeti

Which gorgeous, courageous young man could endure the remote Himalayas, tracking down and defeating one of the most elusive and fearsome monsters ever known? Well, modesty forbids...


Gadding With Ghouls

Some ghouls are merely troublesome, but others can be extremely dangerous and only a brave man dares to take them on single-handed - guess who!


Voyages With Vampires

Which winningly-handsome, daringly brave young man would willingly set out to battle against a load of nasty, pallid, greasy-haired bloodsuckers? Well, there's only ONE such young man that I know of! Can you guess?


Travels with TrollsTravels With Trolls

Big smelly men with no acceptable standards of personal hygiene and, in many cases, no hair! They had to go, and there was only one man who could take them on! Yes, that's right - it was Gilderoy Lockhart!


Break With A Banshee

The blistering screams of the Bandon Banshee were no match for Gilderoy Lockhart! Read all about it here!


Wandering With Werewolves

The awe-inspiring tale of my success in ridding a helpless village from the maurauding Wagga Wagga Werewolf. Read how Gilderoy Lockhart triumphed using nothing but his talent, courage, physical agility and amazing good-looks!


Holidays With Hags

Please don't try this at home - it can be a very risky business. Read about my adventures instead, and merely wish that YOU were as wonderful as....

Magical Me!

Gilderoy Lockhart