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Welcome to the official website of that gorgeous bit of wizarding fluff, Gilderoy Lockhart.

Thank you all for the adoring comments and compliments in my guestbook!

Sara asks "Dear Gilderoy, If you didn't work at this school before what did you do beside making books? "

Believe it or not Sara, I don't just write my books for the fun of it! No, the formidable talents of Gilderoy Lockhart are based on many years of hard work and diligent study combined with phenomenal natural ability! I hope that answers your question!

Gilderoy LockhartMy lovely publicist, Mandy 'Randy' Slade, has also posted to the guestbook (bless her!) and you may have seen her reference to the Gilderoy Lockhart Fund for the Plain and Homely. This is merely an idea and NOT an excuse for all you plain and homely unfortunates out there to start pestering me even more than you do already!

Well, better go. Yet another owl from the Ministry has just arrived - I'm fast becoming established as Cornelius' right-hand man! But I don't want you thinking any less of your Minister of Magic just because he relies so heavily on my wisdom and experience!


Gilderoy Lockhart

Sincere thanks to everyone who has signed the guestbook and joined in the spirit of this (very silly) site!

A few people have asked for this to be developed as a proper tribute site, but I'm afraid that it's only meant to be a parody! So apart from the odd tweak here and there, I'm not planning any further development - sorry....

Best wishes

The (very silly) webmaster