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Professor Dumbledore is in a particularly mischievous mood - he has hidden four coloured pegs, and asks you to guess which colours he has chosen and in what order he has arranged them.

How to play:

  1. First, choose which four colours you want to play with. To the right of the board there is a peg palette offering six possible colours (the current ones have a white border - click them to select/deselect them). The default colours are blue, red, yellow and green.

  2. Then click on 'Start' and fill the bottom row with four pegs - change the peg colour by clicking it on the peg palette.

  3. Every time you complete a row, the good professor will indicate how many colours you got right:
    • A small white peg - there is a peg of the correct colour, but it is in the wrong place
    • A small black peg - there is a peg of the correct colour and it is in the right place! Four small black pegs means you've won!
    Of course, he is not going to tell you which pegs he's talking about - that's for you to work out!

  4. You get eight guesses - then the headmaster will reveal the answer and the game ends.

  5. If you want to start again at any time, press 'End' to quit the current game.

Freeware mastermind applet written by Karl Hörnell