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Name: Deluge
Breed: Augurey
Owner: Prof. Elaine Blackdragon
Notes: Hand reared as an experiment Deluge is a friendly animal who owes his size to a diet of bluebottle barjis and curried fairies




Name: Hardy
Breed: Shag
Owner: Prof. Severus Snape (and none to pleased about it!)
Notes: A gift from Grusha, who thought them very 'Snapeish' in their handsome black and green plumage. She did NOT think them Snapeish because they were greasy, with a big beak!





Name: Rufus (Ruff)
(for other details see Hardy)




Name: Shem
Species: Raven
Owner: Lester Crowley
Notes: Doesn't work for free, requires payment!
Also acts as his scout.





Name: Quoth
Breed: Raven
Owner: Wednesday Addams
Notes: Fond of eyeballs.
Especially other peoples!




Name: (We don't know which one this is!)
Breed: Magpie
Owner: Baron Vladimir Vorbrotten Magpyr
Notes: He has seven of them!





Name: Freddie
Breed: Bald Eagle (BRITISH!)
Owner: Mouldyvoldy
Notes: Can smoke 20 fags a day, while pulling rabbits out of a hat!

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