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Other Famous Birds

The Clangers

Name: Iron Chicken
Breed: Unknown (Iron?)
Owner: She is NOT owned!
Notes: Friend of the Clangers, who found her when they were fishing with a magnet.




Name: Prof. Yaffle
Breed: Woodpecker
(Carved wooden bookend)
Owner: Nyek, nyek, nyek. I am a batchelor!
Notes: Eminent Professor of literature and philosophy. (He's German you know!)

Ask Prof Yaffle!




Name: Graculus
Breed: Cormorant
Owner: See notes:
Notes: Ambassador from Nan of the Nooks. Royal bird of the land of Nog and Advisor to Noggin King of the Nogs.




Name: Emu
Breed: Well, an Emu! 
Owner: Rod Hull
Notes: Vicious and unpredictable.





Name: Pingu
Breed: Emperor Penguin
Owner: He lives with his Mum, Dad and baby sister Pinga
Notes: Very playful and naughty! Favourite expression: Malkmal!




Name: Mortimer
Breed: Raven
Owner: Arabel Jones (pictured)
Notes: Loves vending-machines!  Eats stairs! (and just about anything else!) Says only two words: Kaark! & Nevermore!

Joan Aiken wrote the books - read them!


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