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Please tread quietly when visiting your owl as others may be sleeping.
Thank you


Name: Aconitum
Breed: Long Eared Owl
Owner: Dr Grusha Septimus
Notes: Bought as a means of conveying private correspondence, Aconitum proved most useful in avoiding the inquiring Mr Crowley.




Name: Wormwood
Breed: Snowy Owl
Owner: Dr Grusha Septimus
Notes: Wormwood was a gift from Prof. Igor Karkaroff, on the occasion of Grusha's invocation.






Name: Hermes
Breed: Tiny Owl
Owner: Bianca Septimus
Notes: Fell out of a tree (asleep!) infront of me, so I kept him as a pet and messenger.




Name: Edith Arian
Breed: Barn Owl
Owner: Mack the Knife
Notes: Mack wishes to point out that Edith is an exceptionally beautiful owl, who is not looking her best in this picture.

Edith Arian




Breed: (goes here)
Owner: Prof. Vera Havkina
(I spelt it right! )
Notes: (go here)




Breed: Screech Owl
Owner: Prof. Igor Karkaroff
Notes: Tempermental, doesn't like baths,
likes to cause trouble. But if faithful and reliable to Igor.





Name: Myst
Breed: Barn Owl
Owner: Alexis Nightshade
Notes: She's a little cow!
But loyal.




Name: Blossom
Breed: Saw-whet
Owner: Alyssa Lovell
Notes: Tiny and red, Blossom was a gift from Vin on his first date with Alyssa.




Name: Jarreth
Breed: Barn Owl
Owner: Miss Stephanie Celeste
Notes: Conceited and regal, Jarreth was a gift from Dumbledore, to apologise because the Ministry failed to notice she was a witch and delayed her education by 10 years!




Name:Fritz Firenze
Breed: Snowy Owl
Owner: Prof. Julia Frize
Notes: Rather large and scary, (look at those red eyes!) but he's really sweet.


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